Tennis lessons at home or at your hotel in Saint Rémy de Provence and its surroundings (Luberon, Gard, Vaucluse…)

Individual or group sessions (up to 4 players). Training can be done single or double.

Don’t have a tennis court ? I invite you to Mas de L'Oulivié at Baux de Provence which is a hotel with a tennis court.

I have been teaching tennis for more than 30 years :
-          Mini Club (for children from 4 years old)
-          Lessons for beginners, advanced level and competition (children and adults)

My equipment and pedagogy are adapted to the level and age of students.

Tennis event on request : tournament families, birthday with themed games… or on a specific order.
I teach in french and english whith the aim of :                     
-          Discretion
-          Kindness
-          Pleasure of playing
-          Desire to progress

I can provide tennis racket if you do not have one.

Hope to see you on a tennis court !

Jean-Marie Girout

Practicing, progressing, playing… communicating, breathing…

Your body and your mind need and claim for this practice… Your body needs to get rid of its toxins and your mind to disentangle the many subjects of everyday life. The practice of tennis through runs, coordinations / dissociations of movements and coordination with the ball will allow your body to recover fluidity and relaxation. Connection with play, winning and losing a point will focus on a right moment and you will notice a quality of presence. Because, actually, I'm talking about a state of appeasement, of peace ... Like the tennis ball, you will fall down to better bounce back.

I’ve got an anecdote that I like very much. During a Sunday walk with my family, we walked beside another family and a little boy asked his father: "Dad, what's the point of walking?" And the father replied: "It’s useful to move forward." It seems necessary to me to hear this advice because in many areas
-and tennis does not escape this precept- progression, evolution, forward march stimulate and encourage the practice. Supervised practice makes it possible to advance in its learning. Practice leisure or in competition makes it possible to appropriate the advice of the teacher. Learning = Moving forward.

We live in a new era of communication. But it has never been so difficult to communicate in "one to one". Your game reflects your language. Of course there is the body language that expresses your emotions and there is also your game. Which player are you? Do you prefer long rallies through a defense-counter attack game or do you rush to the net at the first opportunity? In "one to one", there is also the playing of your partner. Do you recognize what it proposes to you? Can you decrypt his game to fit yours?
Tennis is such a great means of communication. It makes it possible to reappropriate communication based on exchange live with the other.

The essence of life is oxygen. How many times have you said to yourself: "I have to breathe" or to others "Let me breathe" without connecting to your own breathing! The physical effort through the beats of your heart reminds you how essential it is to breathe. To make your diaphragm work, give breath to your existence. Inspiring is lightening up, expiring is anchoring.

Each movement is connected to the breathing cycle. This cycle helps to oxygenate the muscles and also to find a rhythm to the movement. This work allows the fluidity of gestures and the sequence of actions.
This presentation is a reflection of my teaching. The relationship with my students is guided by the following four cardinal points :
North : Practicing                                                        East : Playing / communicating
Sud :    Progressing                                                     West : Breathing

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