Teaching method

Beyond the relational quality which is the link between players and tennis, there is of course the session content. Personal drivers are learning, progress and knowledge. Discovering new sensations, feeling more efficient, finding solutions are all factors that power our practices. This dynamic is not limited to children, it’s also necessary into our adult life.

The most important point in my teaching is the blow’s mechanics, the order in which the blow and strike must be organized (the kinetic chain). Players are often attached to the progression of the action and they’re right. In addition, it seems fundamental to work on the basis of the blow (feet, legs and hips). The upper body movement will be more effecient if the shot is triggered from the lower body. It's a bit like the tip of the iceberg (upper body) and the hidden part of the iceberg, the most important is the lower body.

Technical work is also very important : catches, racket handling, shoulders direction, positions armed, quality of the supports and of course footwork. All of these changes are matter to discuss with the player. I check at all times that he or she is involved in these changes.

Finally –I could have mention it first- I always connect this mechanical and technical work to the game, to tactical work, where we should put the ball. This could be on a zone work or on a sequences work (play several zones successively). Because in the end, what we are looking for? To be more efficient with the ball.

I can also provide physical work: aerobic, reaction time, velocity time, muscular strength, flexibility. This work can be done on the tennis court in correlation with tennis or outside. An aerobic work for instance, could be done in the Alpilles either by running or cycling.

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